Too Many Ghosts in This Town

by Matt Farrugia




released March 30, 2012

All parts written and performed by Matt Farrugia. This EP was made in many places, most notably the Drums on Track 1 were recorded at Southampton Solent University, engineered by James Axtell, assisted by Kendall Turley. All other tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered in various homes by Matt Farrugia between June 2011 and February 2012.



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Track Name: Too Many Ghosts in This Town
I'm in the woods and I fall to my knees
Crack my head open on an endless dream
I cannot resist the weight of it
The twilight sky homes me in

Sleep is catching up with me
My eyes are weary and my bones will give in
But if I fall asleep I will see you
And then I’ll have to suffer waking up

It grows and grows......
There's Too Many Ghosts in this Town

So now I’ve numbed all of my senses
The only thing I can smell is the mud
My eyes are fogged up and my ears are blocked
I can still see that pale face

There are screams in the distance
A fox is giving up
There's a rustling in the trees
Those green bats are fighting again

It grows and grows......
There's Too Many Ghosts in this Town

Stop following me
My shadow's lost at sea

Stop following me
I'll stay here and never be seen

There's Too Many Ghosts in this Town

So now I'm stuck where I belong
Tangled up in the branches
And these dead trees are mocking me
Soon they will each have 10 thousand leaves
Track Name: Marrow
Come out of your weathered cave
And feel the sun on your face

Is this your first summer light?
Have you lived there your whole life?

You’ll see a skeleton
Peering through the cracks

It will always be there for your
Mothering your step

You were her last creation
Before she lost her strength

The cold wind still haunts your mind
Now a ghost lies in your prints

You have to grow up on your own
The months you’ve spent are lost

So take your head out the sand
And move out through the land

But it hurts too much…
Track Name: Morning Saviour
Scars on my skin
One for each of my sins
I need a new face
That God gave grace

These bleeding hands
Were all that I could withstand
When I sank my heart
And fell into the dark

I've lost my friends
So I’m trying so hard to mend
But it hurts to speak
'Cause I just feel so weak

The voices scream
Whenever I try to dream
They mess me up
Now I have had enough

Will you take me away from this?
Can you clean all of the blood I’ve missed?
Will you put me on my best behaviour?
Can you be my Morning Saviour?

I try to run
And forget about what I’ve done
Want to move away
But I feel the need to stay

These weary feet
Are keeping me from sleep
So pull me apart
Maybe this can be a new start

Will you teach me how I can exist?
Can you see the fire on my wrist?
Will you put me on my best behaviour?
Can you be my Morning Saviour?